Therapy and Coaching for individuals experiencing tension in their bodies to build kinesthetic and emotional awareness for a life of ease

Therapy and Coaching for Improvement of Physical or Emotional Pain and Overall Wellbeing

Have you noticed the 


Therapy and Coaching for emotional and bodily awareness can help!

Difficulty identifying and recognizing emotions

Feeling stressed and anxious most of the time due to tension in the body

Challenges with emotional releasing such as crying or getting angry

Negative thought loops as a result of chronic tension

Inability to feel safe and at ease in the body

Are you looking for a way to add movement to your life that brings you joy?

Are you learning to love the body that you are in?

I offer a customized and tailored fitness / movement approach where we will build out sessions based on your needs.

Maybe you are trying to get in better shape while also learning to be more connected to your body. Maybe you already have a fitness routine and are looking for accountability or new ways to move.

We use fitness, yoga, and somatic practices to not only get you in shape, but create a new relationship to your body.

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Therapy & Coaching for
 Pain & Tension