Therapy for Sensitive People

Therapy for sensitive people

Have you noticed the 


Therapy and Coaching for emotional and bodily awareness can help!

Difficulty identifying and recognizing emotions

Feeling stressed and anxious most of the time due to tension in the body

Challenges with emotional releasing such as crying or getting angry

Negative thought loops as a result of chronic tension

Inability to feel safe and at ease in the body

Break free from emotional entrapment by creating a relationship to your body, recognizing and identifying emotions within, and building soothing practices to feel and release the held emotions.

Sessions with me are held weekly via Zoom for an ongoing amount of time.

Together we will curiously explore your inner world through somatic and polyvagal practices. We will work to identify bodily tension and create a relationship to it. We will address underlying emotions and feelings through psychoeducation and practices that will give you a clearer picture to your inner world. You will have the ability to access your deep emotions and life a live of ease

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