As we get older every day, our bodies require more and more rest just to function. But how exactly do we truly rest in an overworked and hustle culture? This is the question of the century. This article isn’t aimed at answering this larger systemic question, but rather addresses what activities to do right now to […]


June 23, 2022

Activities to do Right Now to Feel Well Rested

When I first began my training in integrative somatic trauma therapeutic practices, I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly is somatic therapy. “Soma” is a word that represents the body within the mind-body connection. Somatic work is the use of the body as a tool for mental healing. Sounds complicated? Yes it can be. Reflecting […]


April 26, 2022

What is somatic therapy? And why we need it now more than ever.

As the new year begins, you may find yourself contemplating what exactly it is that you are interested in changing about your life. For some, that includes less stress, more confidence, a better sense of self, a different job, or motivation to do all the things that you want to do. While these outcomes may […]


March 7, 2022

How to find a therapist for you

The start to a new year should be fresh and reflective. The end of a year and beginning of a new one used to bring me so much anxiety. I used to calculate exactly how much money I needed to make in order to take whichever trips I was dreaming of that year. Or I […]


January 6, 2022

The Best New Years Gift to Yourself: Intentional Time

Do you remember being a child and doing or seeing something that you’d never done or seen before? This event shook you, even possibly blew your mind. And opened up doors inside of you that you didn’t know existed.  When was the last time you experienced something new for the first time as an adult? […]


October 28, 2021

3 Ways to Keep Your Brain Flexible

Anxiety shows up in many ways: crippling self doubt, impulsive decision making, inability to sleep or unwind. For me, it was the constant voice in my head telling me that I wasn’t good enough. Then, observing every interaction to be a confirmation of that voice, that I wasn’t good enough. Even when the interaction had […]


October 7, 2021

How Yoga Helped my Anxiety

My first moments of 2020 were similar to the start of many of my previous New Years. Thirsty, head pounding, generally unwell. But this first morning of 2020 was different..


September 10, 2021

My 2020 New Years Resolution: What I Learned From a Year Without Alcohol

There are many reasons people move to new cities: for a new job, a partner, or just because they need a change. I needed a change. After almost a year of traveling and sleeping somewhere new each week, I decided to set down my roots in a new city. I was excited to see what […]


September 10, 2021

3 Lessons from Moving to a New City During a Pandemic

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